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17-06-2005, 02:25
Selling for a friend.
The base car is a '92 J reg Clio with 130k on the clock. In Red, with 15" team dynamics Monza's, two brand new Conti's up front.
Brakes and suspension is very tight, just had a new column so no give. All electrics, switches, dial etc working fine.
Now for the good bit, the engine is a 2l Megane bottom end, with HillPower headwork, cams, verniers and stage 2 chip. A friends car with EXACTLY the same spec ran a 14.2 1/4 mile. The engine has covered 50k and this can be checked with Nick Hill. this car is VERY VERY fast.
Now the bad part, the car needs a new 'box, and has no tax, the front bumper is also a slightly different shade of red.
This is all reflected in the price, the car is in Loughborough, and is an absolute steal at £1400. If i had more time i would buy it and either strip it for parts, or fix it and sell it and make money off it.
The conversion alone costs £2.5k
Call 07799113442 for more details

17-06-2005, 10:56
would be a good buy for lunner or bayliss..

17-06-2005, 18:28
forgot to mention it has full mongoose exhuast with de-cat and K&N IK. Pictures now available, just post your e-mail address. This car must go ASAP

17-06-2005, 18:49
pics now available through this link


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21-06-2005, 00:46
Someone got a right bargain here. Would make a wicked track toy.