View Full Version : Hillpower top mount covers

16-06-2005, 19:47
Shiny alloy top mount covers as seen on Robbie's Williams at the fcs. Are magnetic and just place onto the top mounts.


These are only £20 from Hillpower. I have just ordered a set.

I will get a pic of mine up when they arrive. :D

17-06-2005, 12:43
Nick has agreed to do a pair of these top mount covers at a special club price of £17.50 Delivered.

17-06-2005, 18:56
im having a pair :-)

Nick Hill
18-06-2005, 10:34
10 sets at the special price. Normal club price inc del and vat £20.00.

2 live
18-06-2005, 21:52
how much do we get for the free advertising??

19-06-2005, 00:20
ill have a pair, dont want the hill power web address stamped on it though.

19-06-2005, 08:38
I want a pair too but who knows how can i get it? :(

19-06-2005, 11:01
Have a look at www.hillpower.co.uk . I'm sure Nick will do international shipping.

19-06-2005, 11:03
Dimitris, if you want some i will find out how much to send to Greece. They are light and so wont cost much.

They are £17.50 and i think will only cost perhaps £5-7 to send.

If you want to send me the money i will arrange to have them sent to you.

Or you can arrange it yourself here: www.hillpower.co.uk

19-06-2005, 16:36
Thanks Strob.I want one for sure,tbh ive sent Nick several mails but no answer received :? .I kno that i must call him but is a bit difficult to understand you guys cause you are talking too fast :lol:
Strob, how can i sent you money?