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18-02-2005, 15:52

I purchased a williams 2 clio on Monday, its a 1995 and has done about 78000 miles. Its a bit of a step down in power from my old car and the difference is huge but I am very happy with my decision. Here is the car below sorry about the lame pic :roll: :

18-02-2005, 16:02
Welcome to the forum mate!

What sort of car did you own before this?

18-02-2005, 16:02
welcome!! :D

18-02-2005, 16:02
Welcome mate,

What did you have before?

18-02-2005, 16:13
Hello and welcome to the club.

The car looks a very nice example....looks like you have a nice one there.

Them wheels look original aswell.....im impressed

18-02-2005, 16:20
Welcome mate.

Vehicle details
Manufacturer Renault
Body type 5 door hatchback
Colour Blue
Fuel type Petrol
Date manufactured 31 December 1995
Number of previous owners 3
Last owner change 02 September 2004


18-02-2005, 16:54
Thanks for that Matt, I did know all of that information prior to buying it however!!

Im planning to leave it standard with the exception of a stainless steel system(current system on its last legs) and maybe a stainless manifold as looking at the puny branches on the manifold I cant help but think its very restrictive.

The car I had before is below:




There is also a 0-140 mpeg on my webspace, MOV00560


18-02-2005, 17:00
Hi, welcome to the site.

18-02-2005, 17:04
the escort sounds well nice.....lol you werent in second long :wink:

The gearchanges are pretty much the same as you will shift at in the williams. 90 in 3rd and around 110 in 4th.

18-02-2005, 17:18
The escort was great, I can see that BHP is nice but the real beauty is shedloads of torque. If i modified the clio(god forbid) id go the supercharger route as that will get bags of torque!!!

18-02-2005, 17:33
Mmmm sounds nice...and its getting better towards the redline. Seams a strong engine.

Kent cams unleash a loads of potental - and if used with a decat and decent exhaust you'll have loads of power.

What area are you from ?

18-02-2005, 17:39
Welcome man!!!!

Nice willy...The escorts a bit of beast to :D

18-02-2005, 17:39
Hi and welcome to the site from another willy 2 virgin

18-02-2005, 18:09
Im from portsmouth!!

18-02-2005, 18:10
welcome mate!

18-02-2005, 18:29
Welcome fella....what was the spec on your scort?

18-02-2005, 18:38
Hi mate, welcome to the club....cars looks very nice :wink:

18-02-2005, 18:46
welcome pal! enjoy ur stay! motors looking good!

big hp
18-02-2005, 19:21

Dare i say it but i love the look of that mark escort :oops:

18-02-2005, 20:10
welcome to the site mate :)

2 live
18-02-2005, 20:15
lookin good fella....welcome to the club.......scorts sounds rapid.cant openn the vids tho for some reason

19-02-2005, 12:29
Spec of the escort:

RS2000 I4 chain driven engine converted to 2.3L using a galaxy 2.3L block
RS2000 Head ported and polished with 3 angle seats
Piper 285 fast road cams
Weber 45 throttle bodies
Weber alpha engine management
Group N exhaust manifold
208BHP @ 6800RPM, 182lb/ft torque @ 5700RPM

It was super fast but it just cost me too much money on fuel, repairs and obviously that work wasnt cheap so it was time to sell.

19-02-2005, 17:10

19-02-2005, 17:24
Nice, bet that shifted a bit...bit of a sleeper too. What do you think to the williams?

20-02-2005, 11:34
I have to honestly say the williams is nowhere near as quick, I didnt expect it to be, the RS had so much torque it was hard to beat with a N/A engine.
Having said that its only been a week and im falling in love with the Clio, its great to drive, you have to rev it to get the power out of it but its not slow by any stretch of the imagination. I have also managed to do 150miles on less than half a tank of petrol which is probably what I would have got at most from the RS on a full tank!!

I think iv made the right choice and I dont see any need to do anything to the Williams apart from the exhaust. When I got the RS as standard is we disappointing and not worthy of the RS badge so I felt I had to do something with it but everything from engine to suspension and brakes is done for you and Im very happy!!

20-02-2005, 11:56
I have also managed to do 150miles on less than half a tank of petrol which is probably what I would have got at most from the RS on a full tank!!

You had probably used the upper portion of the fuel tank. Heh, the fuel gauge runs out very fast on the bottom half.