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20-04-2008, 18:26
Anyone ever go up MFN on a sunday night?

Not been online for a while and it wouldbe wicked to meet some of you guys, if not mfn maybee a mini meet somewhere?

Plus now my babys gone i need some valvers/willys to perv over lol

20-04-2008, 18:36
Never been, heard its full of chav d1ckheads with sh1t cars :evil:

I'd only go if there was gonna be a load of willys/valvers there 8) I think some ppl on C16valver were tryin to sort a meet up there

20-04-2008, 18:39
yeah we get most people driving up our road to go.

would be wicked to get a load of us up there or a mini meet somewhere else some other evening

20-05-2008, 00:09
Whats MFN
excuse my ignorance


20-05-2008, 00:54
Pub/club in shiply (derbyshire/notts) where they host bike and car nights.


dont ask what it stands for there are a lot of theories:

"middle of ****ing nowhere" - due to location

"more ****ing noise" - again due to location they can play music at a higher decibel.

etc, etc lol

20-05-2008, 08:26
It is full of chavs that think wheel spinning on grass is "well phat n'shit" so I usually spend the night protecting my car from the Smirnoff Ice brigade but if there's gonna be a few folks in valvers going down i'll be up for tagging along and saying hello.

Can't do it till the weekend after this though as the car is coming off the road for its full rebuild and annual tart up.

Iz we like all goinz up to 27 afterwardz to be like street rasaz :roll:

20-05-2008, 08:59
I'll bring the Maccy D's trays for the rear whees ;)

20-05-2008, 12:24
I'll bring the Maccy D's trays for the rear whees ;)

actually loled :P

20-05-2008, 12:31
I'll bring the Maccy D's trays for the rear whees ;)

actually loled :P

Me to... I think I need a waterproof keyboard! Tiz wikid idea though coz we can drift now innit :D

27-07-2008, 18:21
went up last week for the MFN ignition charity event it was ok, its full of chavs but you dont get any issues.