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13-04-2008, 20:41

My car has a suspected gear box bearing on its way out and as I am in my final year of uni I have neither the time or funds to try and fix her and therefore I am going to have to sell her. The car still drives, in fact I am driving back to uni in brum from milton keynes tonight. The specs are below;

- White Jreg 1.4RT
- 98,000 miles
- Mongoose stainless steel exhaust with Ktec decat pipe
- Toad Ai606 alarm with glass break, body impact and proximity sensors
- K&N induction kit,
- Turbines with centre caps sprayed white (will need refurb)
- 2 x new Piralli P6000 tires and 2 x Yoko tyres (may need changin in about a month or so)
- 16V bonnet and spoiler
- Sparco Pedals,
- 16v Steering wheel,
- Lowered 35mm on Apex springs with torsion bar to match
- Kenwood speakers in door
- Mutant Head unit with USB, AUX and SC connectivity
- JBL 6 x 9's (will leave in if I get a good price)
- Dimma petrol cap
- Rear driver side arch cut out, replaced and sprayed as rust was coming through last year.
- MOT till June 21st
- Taxed

Bad points

- Blower doesn't work,
- Car Idles high at about 1800 tried replacing the throttle body and stepper motor but this hasn't rectified it
- Possible gear box bearing on its way out
- Rust starting to show on rear passenger side arch
- Glove box hindge broken

As there is no room on my drive i cant break the car so am looking to sell it as one to someone who does have tje time to either break or repair it.

Sensible offers please as I am looking to get rid by the end of the week email me on phil.pandya@googlemail.com or ring me on 07921073546



14-04-2008, 11:08
Here are some pics;




15-04-2008, 10:24
Need this car off my drive soon am open to any offers email, ring or text me :)

15-04-2008, 19:51
How much for the JBL 6x9s theyll do for my van :lol: