View Full Version : Coops' Solid Adjustable Dogbones FCS Round

09-04-2008, 21:12
Right heres the plan....

Anyone who wants a dogbone for the knockdown price of 20 to be brought to FCS this year please put your name down below and paypal a 5 deposit to: staindsoul_18@yahoo.com by the 1st of June

Any one wanting to pay by other means, add your name and pm me for details!

cheers everyone


I have run this on my car with as yet no ill side affects for past 250 miles. The mount when set up correctly can be used to hold the engine solidly without flex rotationally, leading to more precise gear changes and tighter engine feel from personal experience.

Also it allows a certain degree of positioning of the engine to eliminate downpipe knocking and other clearance issues, again when setup for the individual car, which is the original reason I made one for my car. It also gives a nice slagtastic chassis vibration on idle!

I will include several M10 size nuts in the kit also in order to position and lock the ends of the mount onto your existing mounts bolts, otherwise it slides side to side which is not desirable.

However I must also advise that it will undoubtable cause the other mounts to wear out faster than normal, but this is the case with many performance related modifications.



08-06-2008, 01:17
could do with one of these mate, you got any left?

dont know when im gunna be able to get one though as ive just had to swap a driveshaft and need the wheel bearings doing on the valverbus

08-06-2008, 13:31
not got any left atm mate, but can sort one for you when ur ready