View Full Version : Free Original 185 Michelin tyre

13-06-2005, 15:10

This is an original tyre with loads of tread. Came off a Willy rim which hadn't seen a car for about 10years :cry: . Free to anyone who wants to collect it. I'm based in Hornchurch, Essex. If not I'll try and get up to the next meet in Ipswich if I can.


13-06-2005, 15:29
are you coming to the pod day mate ??? 16/17th of july.

If so bring it then and i will give u some coin for it.

Cheers RiCh

13-06-2005, 15:42
Didn't know there was a pod day. Could possibly make it. Am a bit ashamed to bring the willy though as it needs a few things doing to it (dent in the boot, scratch on the wing mirror, re-furb alloys). Will have to see whether the willy passes its MOT this saturday! Who's going? Are you actually going down the strip? If I can make it, don't worry about any dosh, free is free after all!


13-06-2005, 15:47
hi mate...there is this event on http://www.williamsclio.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?t=3175

I will be running mine buddy be nice to finally meet u and the car i nearly bought.

Does the tyre still have the steel on...and i'll give you a few quid for bringing it over...or a 4 pack. :lol:

13-06-2005, 15:55
No steel unfortunately. I bought 6 willy wheels in various colours and conditions. I gave a matching pair of 195/50R15's to a friend, and I thought that someone on here would like the tyre. The car was in a much better condition when I was selling it. I haven't spent much time or money on it since I hardly drive it anymore. I am getting more into bikes nowadays, and the house is burning a big hole in my pocket... :roll: I'll make sure I get the car sorted in one go.

I'll have a word with the missus and see if she fancies coming to the pod. Don't think I'll be racing up the strip with the amount of ICE I have got in it! You can give me a free site sticker if I make it! :D

13-06-2005, 16:07
lol...good lad.

Right well a 4 pack it is.

And free stickers....we dont have any of that here mate.... :wink: