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14-01-2008, 21:57
is it possible (well anything is with enough money,time and skill) to put a megane turbo engine into a clio......... had a quick look at a mates megane and it looked like it should fit with a bit of fettling, has anyone done this conversion?????? thought it would be good in ma track car at some point.....

14-01-2008, 22:37
think it and more so the gearbox is physically a lot bigger....

never seen it done. also the cost might see you around turbo money but with a better box...

matty w
15-01-2008, 11:58
theres one been done in a five but its in france so nowone knows a lot about it

15-01-2008, 12:10
its a 172 engine with a turbo bolted on, the 172 engine goes in a mk1 no problem from the looks of things so i dont see why it isnt possible?

15-01-2008, 21:31
gearbox doesnt fit AFAIK, however if you could fit a 17.2 gearbox........

15-01-2008, 21:38
would the 172 stand the extra power and torque of a turbo though? also has the 172 box got a lsd as standard?

15-01-2008, 21:47
would the 17poo stand the extra power and torque of a turbo though? also has the 17poo box got a lsd as standard?

no more than any other JC5 box and no it has...

and i thought the megane engine was a different item to the F4R fitted in the 172 and was bigger plus the gearbox is a nissian item..

15-01-2008, 21:53
no it has???? which one? :?

15-01-2008, 22:03
no edit no it hasn,t..... :oops:

matty w
15-01-2008, 22:39
the megane engine is different it has the wideface block which is whats in the 197 aswell so a jc5 box wont bolt to it