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12-01-2008, 09:25
Right. two cars, both used regular. Insurance is a pig to find that will cover both with my full no claims. Only found about two companies that do this so pay a bit more than I probably would if only had one. The usual answer is they will only cover one with the no claims & other one has to start at zero.
At moment I am with Highway who are cheap & nasty but just got renewal thru for Willy & it has gone up 50 despite being 40 now & no claims ever!
Anyone else cover two with full no claims on both got some names of companies please? Anyone saves me some money gets sweets! :lol:

12-01-2008, 11:33
hiya,just watch out with highway,i was with them with my 16v,i wrote it off hitting a wooden bt pole,took them months to pay out on my car,but would not pay for the damaged bt pole,even tho i was full com,had a running battle with them,for all most a year,in the end bt were taking me to court,because i damaged it.in the end i payed for damaged 1200.was not happy.just be carefull with HIGHWAY

12-01-2008, 11:39
What about a multicar policy?

I'm with elephant, and this is my situation:

insurance runs out in about sept, last sept got a vectra that i wanted to use as a run around till i get my company car in june time, clio is off the road, but but will be back on again shortly. Currently using my ncb on the vectra, but wanna be using it on teh clio. Bloke i spoke to at elephant said they coudl probabily use the ncb on both cars, but it was up to the disgression of the supervisor at the time

12-01-2008, 11:52
im surprised you have managed to find ANY companies mate that will use your no claims on both cars, its standard that you can only use them on one car

12-01-2008, 13:16
ecarinsurance alloy u to insure 2 cars under one policy

12-01-2008, 13:26
I know all about Highway being rough but hopefully I wont need to find out!
Multicar is not as it seems they just allow you to insure various cars on one policy but USUALLY only one has the no claims against it. As I said it is very rare to get both covered with what they call "mirrored no claims" on both. Norwich Union do this too but I called loads of other companies & they want to insure one car as no discount which is ridiculous.
Anyone other companies? I will try ecarinsurance but insuring two cars on one policy is not necessarily the same thing as I am asking.
Cheers for suggestions so far though
Jaine x

12-01-2008, 14:17
sorted, someone on another forum suggested putting the Mini as classic even though he is only 7yrs old. Flux did it for 90 less on Mini & beat renewal on Clio for 30! Wicked.
You missed out on the sweets guys!

12-01-2008, 14:22
http://www.endsleigh.co.uk/ allowed me to use ncb on two cars.

12-01-2008, 19:48
Admiral and elephant will match your NCB on a 2nd car.
I have done it twice now, easy way to get full NCB.


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12-01-2008, 20:42
im surprised you have managed to find ANY companies mate that will use your no claims on both cars, its standard that you can only use them on one car

im with norwich union direct. they matched the price i paid on 0159, full NCB, with the policy on 0051. 0 NCB. pay just shy of a grand for fully comp on both of em. again they wouldnt match the 9+ years no claims on my policy, but they matched the price. they wouldnt take the years over 5 years i had on the 1st policy as NCB on the 2nd....but yet theyl only accept a max of 5.