View Full Version : What's a williams one break for?

25-12-2007, 17:02
mine for sale?

just a rough idea to see if it's worth it, or sell it whole.

25-12-2007, 17:38
whats wrong with it mate??? and how much you looking for???

25-12-2007, 17:59
eye pete... get some info up 8)

depends on condition really, engine is worth the most imo, downpipe and manifold nice price too, panels in good nick can be worth 50-100 each,

most williams' will be worth more in bits to be fair, but you may have to have it hanging around a while to get the full price of bits etc... plus the hassle of posting, couriers, but if you can stand it.. track the slag! hehe

25-12-2007, 21:42
just wanted a round figure to see if it's worth doing, understand it'll be a hassle for a while posting everything, so id have to have a think.

drsmith1979 - it's the one for sale :wink:

25-12-2007, 21:55
I would say a minimum of 1500.

Engine, gearbox, wheels and interior would take care of the majority of that.

Then all the other bits and bobs like dash, seat belts gear knob, parcel shelf...... just if you can be arsed really....

25-12-2007, 22:00
mine for sale?

just a rough idea to see if it's worth it, or sell it whole.

Too good to break fella :cry:

07-01-2008, 22:36
what number is it?

10-01-2008, 15:26
212 :wink:

03-02-2008, 23:19
hi is your will still for sale?

03-02-2008, 23:47
Sold i believe.