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31-10-2007, 00:02
Posted this before a while back during the damp and wet spells in the summer. But its just started again! :twisted:

Why is my car lumpy and spluttery on start when its damp and wet?

Ive checked the ICSV and cleaned its fine.

Anyone any other ideas?

When slowing down and coming right off the revs, i.e coasting to a slow stop it acts like its about to stall, spluttering away, then just refrains from doing, and creeps up to idle around 1000/1100 rpm again.

Its seems to be ok when fully warm.

Any ideas?

All I have is full mongoose system, cat replacement pipe and piperX.

When ive mentioned it at service b4 he reckons its my induction kit?

31-10-2007, 08:18
ever changed the coolant temp sensor ?

or lambda ?

whats it like in a morning if you just leave it to idle, does it splutter after about 30 seconds

31-10-2007, 18:30
as Brun says,

sounds like the coolant temp sensor... if its rough on start up from cold, try starting it with the coolant temp sensor unplugged then with it plugged in, if there is no difference in how the car runs and idles, thats your problem 8) if it gets worse when its unplugged then it will be working so will be something else. check to see if your lambda is plugged in, they can come unplugged under the car, makesure its out of the way too.

31-10-2007, 19:16
is this the same sensor that tells the dials the temp level?

31-10-2007, 19:41
not sure if it also relays the info to the dials, but it tells the ecu the temp of the engine and thus affecting its mixture to compensate iirc...

31-10-2007, 23:14
no the dials have a diff sender which is close to it