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J o n
16-02-2005, 12:58
yeah okay, I wasn't really expecting much but a complete battering here and to be fair he did just that, but due to him being a bit of a sales rep pussy he backed off on the DC R/A's that much that all the power of it was effectively needed just to stay in front!

basically it started outside where I work and the car had already just been driven there (i was dropping stuff off for work... boring i know!) so was nice and warm, then what should apear, but a Porka Carrera 4 S! Never seen one go but thought I'd do the old go for the quick overtake and see if he wants to show me why his car is £100k and mine is £5k lol... anyway, I go past and by the time i'm up along side him he's smiled, changed gear, lifted his sun glasses from his nose and over his eyes and was halfway down the DC coming up to it's 1 of it's R/A's... oh well, I sorta kept up for a moment... as I'm still sorta going flat out at this point, but not really giving it the all I notice he's waited up. Ace, game on! Carried on going and round the R/A and basically this bit of the DC is down hill, so I seemed to keep right with him for a moment then he slowly pulled away until the next R/A, at which point I was right on him... the result here was that he must have let me stay with him, as I got an awesome stench of CAT and he'd phuqt off again... thing was that this time he'd floored it, but there was about 3 cars huddled up ahead... :)
Next couple of RA's was basically be playing catch up on the RA before getting a little carried away and overtaking him mid corner on a roundabout as he'd been held up by yet more people not moving over... lol
after that I stayed in front and decided to be a bad sport and not let him past... but then again he did the "i'm rich and am laughing at your peasant wagon" look, so all's fair imo. It was only until we got near the M60 and there's a nice set of lights before you get in lane. Result here was pretty good actually, I managed to get ahead til about mid 2nd as he bogged down off the lights, I heard him rev up, then the revs drop off completely! hehe... he raped me after about 45-50mph inceidentally, but who cares, it was all good fun and he gave a flash and a wave as he went past (not sure if he was taking the piss, but he was a little red looking! lmao)

16-02-2005, 13:08
So you werent trying then?

16-02-2005, 14:48
Racing thread ban him lol

J o n
16-02-2005, 14:55
erm, yeah, thought i'd toy with him ;)

Enid, this aint Nazi Sport! lol

16-02-2005, 15:05
Sorry got all "PC" then :wink:

J o n
16-02-2005, 15:08

glad driving tales is back :)

... did I say that afterwards I went racing 182's?.... lol

16-02-2005, 15:11
The only thing I could remotely recalling racing recently was a M class merc lol, he was tailgaiting me in a 40,wtf! So when we got out to the open roads i handed his ass to him!

16-02-2005, 15:30
Did this guy in the Porsche have a pink shirt on, with cufflinks and a big gay pair of raybans?

J o n
16-02-2005, 19:20
lol, close Rob, he had shirt and tie with, bluetooth headset and had his sunny's on... proper 80's throwback, think when I was at the lights next to him he was playing 'fly into the dangerzone'

2 live
16-02-2005, 21:01
lol......u sure it werent adi??..........thats his racing tune lol

J o n
17-02-2005, 12:44
there's a thought, Adi in a Porka engined van with 18's! pmsl