View Full Version : gearbox fitting cost + refurb

09-10-2007, 21:15
Hi All

At low speeds and think low gear get a whiring noise as slowing from the gearbox. Seems noise is located more to left of front but don't think is bearing as when engage clutch noise seems to disapear. So thinking once confirmed will send to be refurbed (CTS, Avanti or KN) only problem is want somebody trust worthy to fit the reconned box + isn't gonna rip me off. Wondered if anybody had any recommendations of fitters and any other places should consider to have box refurbed perhaps there is somebody good in southampton area? Any recommendations & comments would be appreciated.


09-10-2007, 21:40
if you're to the east of soton, I could fit it :p

10-10-2007, 07:33
CTS cost me approx 340 for full rebuild inc parts, they will send TNT to pick it up and deliver @ cost

got the gearbox back and refitted it, the black end cover o-ring was nipped and started to leak, i called them and they sent a new o-ring and i fitted it, prob solved, these things happen

i would recomend them, box is a real nice drive