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16-02-2005, 12:16
One of my mates bought a nissan 200sx 1.8 turbo, think it's roughly around 170bhp.

anyway went for a bit of a play down my private runway and first time i completely fluffed it and just wheel span all the way virtually so just gave up!!

second time i slipped the clutch at 3k ish it bogged down and we both shot off, we were neck and neck in fact i remember looking at his front wheel a lot, through to 2nd, he changed earlier than me so I got a bit extra, also his seemed to slow towards the tpo of the rev range and mine seemed to carry on pulling is this to do with the turbo...coming out of the power band?

anyway same thing happened with 3rd, he changed then I gained and changed then we had to slow down!!!

All in all it was a good race, pretty much even, however i think once he gets used to his car then he should beat me, he said his 0-60 is quoted at 6.5!!!! fair enough, however my mate timed it when we were racing and he got 7.5....oh he had a passenger as well!


16-02-2005, 12:40
Good cars these. Is it an S13, 14 or 14a Danny? I'm sure once he gets used to it you might suffer a bit. And if he tunes it then you've no chance.

16-02-2005, 13:13
1.8 turbo would likely be a S13 (a 200 sx in this country, in Japan the rare 180 sx Silvia is the one to watch out for, very quick). 0-60 is mid 7's. If its a manual i think they have the same naff first gear then the S12's had, which is why they are so crap off the line. Once flying they do shift though. 60-100 would be pretty quick in a good example.

The 180 sx import i went in murdered a classic scooby down a motorway slip road (i wasnt driving but cowering in the passenger foot well).

Staying with one at high speeds in a valver would be pretty good effort i beleive.

16-02-2005, 13:18
S15 is one of the ones on my list of future possibles.

16-02-2005, 13:32
Ill find out for ya mike mate.

Ks we ran out of room but it would have been nice to see how far we stuck together for!

Whats the main difference between the 3 S13 14 and 14a?

16-02-2005, 13:37
S13 has a 1.8 turbo. S14 has a 2.0 turbo. S13 0-60 about 7.5. S13 about 6.5.

The S14 is the one to get. 197 bhp i beleive but rediculously easy to tune, a new intercooler and exhaust adds some stupid amount of power. Rear wheel drive traction is amazing (more like 4wd). A mildly tuned one of these left my Williams like i wasnt moving. Handling is very good. 1/4 mile in the low 14's standard all day long. Strip em and tune em and youll easy be in the 13's. Once rolling not much kit you see daily on the road will embarrass them.

Williams is no real match for them, except on a tight course.

16-02-2005, 13:40
And the 14a is just a revised front end. The 15 iwas never sold over here, but the Silvia in GT3 is what the S15 is.

There's a guy on evo that drifts an S14a. I'll see if I can find the pics.

16-02-2005, 13:41
The revised cars look nicer but i think they are slightly slower due to more weight (may be wrong).

16-02-2005, 13:50
a guy i used to work with has one of these single turbo super drager exaust and loads of other stuff makes around 400bhp at the fly w/o 75 shot of nos and thats quite quick

16-02-2005, 14:06
Piccies here:





16-02-2005, 14:26
those last ones are the nutts!!!

16-02-2005, 14:43
I remember having a play with one of these in my 172 Cup down the MK drag strips..........er.......sorry dual carraige ways. Coming off the rounabouts in secong it was fairly even he maybe pulled a little but not much. Couldn't tell you what version it was though. In the end I gave up as I cleary wasn't gonna get past him :oops:

16-02-2005, 14:58
Yer thats the newer one isn't it, my mates bro has the newer one an N reg with leather in red!!! really nice motor!

However the one i raced was the older one with the pop up head lights asuming it's the S13 then!


16-02-2005, 15:32
Yeah pop up child killers are the S13.