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27-09-2007, 21:56

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The latest EVO pits the various generations of BMW M cars against each other, including the new V8 M3. The winning car (and here is the spoiler!) was the classic M3 E30, during the review they likened the E30 to the Clio Williams, which I feel is testament to the little Renault!

Oldschool wins again!

27-09-2007, 22:17
Yeh I really enjoyed reading that article (I'm an avid EVO subscriber so I got it yonks ago) - forgot to mention it

E30 M3 Evolution in white please - if they weren't 10k for a good un I'd consider having one as my daily and having the clio for a project.

They said it flowed through the bends reminding them of the little willy..

Hmm need a big enough garage!

27-09-2007, 22:23
a good old e30 m3 as a project is the future, only going to increase in price if done right, a total classic!

its the electrics you want to worry about though lol... quite tastey to rats and mice i hear lol

28-09-2007, 09:02
One day. 8)