View Full Version : Newbie needs pics resized to post!! HEEEELP!!

Willy 2
16-02-2005, 11:48
Good morning guys, im a new member to this forum and so far it looks great. I would like to post a few pics of my Williams 2 but the images are a tad too big. Is there a kind soul out there that can do this for me?
I can mail the images to a personal address if needs be.

Thanks in advance



16-02-2005, 12:53
hello and welcome to the club.

If you email me rpn@lem.com i will resize and post the pictures for you.


16-02-2005, 13:03
Download x viewer from www.pcworld.com (downloads section, images and audio). I resize with that.

Willy 2
16-02-2005, 13:18
Cheers. Although I have just mailed them to Rich. Will do in future. 8)

16-02-2005, 13:29
You can also resize in Paint, standard Windows application.

16-02-2005, 13:30






16-02-2005, 13:31
Remember this from cliosport. Think i uploaded the pictures there for you as well...heehee

Clean looking car pal.

16-02-2005, 13:32
Nice, but looks black in the pics or is my monitor on the way out?

16-02-2005, 13:33
no mate - its definatly blue.

Time to get a flat screen lcd monitor

big hp
16-02-2005, 13:36
Does look dark. Can see its blue though. Looks clean.

Not sure on the sticker on the bonnet, and i'm not saying a word about the one on the front screen :shock:

Willy 2
16-02-2005, 13:48
Big HP the sticker on the bonnet has been mentioned before. Im of the opinion (biast i know) that it identifies a williams far easier head on whilst driving than your usual valver. + secondly i canne be arsed to remove it! :D

On the screen front its just had a split in it so thats gona be replaced this sat coming so no more cliosprt sticker. Not too fussed to be honest :roll:

big hp
16-02-2005, 13:56
Fair enough, looks ok with sticker on bonnet, just if it was mine i'd remove it.

Looks a nice car though. Whats mileage etc?

big hp
16-02-2005, 13:57
Don't worry just looked at pic LOL

16-02-2005, 14:02
Very nice!!!!!.......I'd remove the bonnet sticker to, but if you like it thats cool

16-02-2005, 14:07
Hello mate welcome to the site.....car's looking nice and tidy... :D ...remember seeing it on CS.....I thought u had it up For Sale at one point??

16-02-2005, 14:29
Car looking good buddy. Never seen a stcker on the front before, don't look to bad.

16-02-2005, 15:29
Yeah would have been a nioce touch for Renault to put a little sticher on the front (mayne on the grill)

16-02-2005, 17:16
mint looking motor pal! and welcome to the site!

Willy 2
16-02-2005, 17:58
Evening guys, thank you for all the kind words. Motor is a beaut. I did have it up for sale late last year, and it may be again for the right price. Im looking at working in Chicago for up to a year and so I may need the capital to help fund that. Will keep you posted, but dont be affraid to make me an offer!

Sensible tho! :lol: