View Full Version : Working ph1 remote locking

22-08-2007, 12:05
Oh how annoying this is. My wife needed an auto car and the only one without a big engine (for insurance purposes) was a clio 1.4 rt auto. It's the same age as my valver, and has the remote central locking etc. (but non-working)

I could not bring myself to swap over the key pcb and in car pcb for her working versions, so I simply donated my 2 batteries from my key, and hey presto... she has lovely remote central locking :(

It's just what I've been needing and would feel really bad nicking parts from her car lol (even though she says she doesn't really car about remote function).


22-08-2007, 21:17
stop being soft n get it stolen! :wink:

22-08-2007, 22:01
lol.. but i'll feel sooooo guilty :D


22-08-2007, 22:09
Hehe, i stole a 1.2 door badge off mothers clio for my hybrid, replaced it with an RL one, she didnt mind, shes after my ph2's that are in the back garden, had to borrow her parcel shelf for months cos i didnt want my sub getting pilfered, and she still hasnt put the shelf back in her car lol