View Full Version : accomodation available night before FCS sat 14th

28-06-2007, 22:52
i have a twin room with a pull out bed booked just a few miles from rockingham. 15 each per person. let me know if anyone is interested in either of the 2 spare places.....

01-07-2007, 21:07
come on peeps! must be some takers???? gonna be having a few beers the night before....

big hp
02-07-2007, 17:58

I better find out if the mrs's is coming or not. If she isn't i'm in. Always nice to get messy the night before FCS. Like last year, LOL. My mate pissed up dancing on his roof haha

02-07-2007, 19:19
let me know scott! always a good piss up!!! i think tom(lunner is coming along) he rang me about a month ago regarding FCS. might ring him and see if hes in! just to re-assure ya, i have double checked the booking!!!

big hp
03-07-2007, 19:36
Sure your sure Paul? Don't want a repeat of last year, lol.

03-07-2007, 20:17
100%%%%% on the willys life!!! lol

04-07-2007, 19:46
I'll take a space if you've still got one mate?!
Coming on my own now and everywhere seems to be booked up.

04-07-2007, 19:51
nice one mate! your in! as long as you dont mind sharing a room with a tractor boy :wink: also for future reference mate, book up EARLY these local travel lodge/inns always get full around FCS time! i booked this one up in february.... pending if i fill the other space(scott!!!) it will be 24 or if the other place is taken 15... i hope your up for a few beers tho :wink: will pm you with location details during the week

04-07-2007, 20:41
I would have but i was waiting for a mate to confirm before i booked anywhere, then he decided today he wasnt coming so i thought i'd save us both a bit of money :)
Always up for a few beers :D What time you planning on going up on the saturday? Yeah let me know during the week, postcodes will be gratefully received! :lol: