View Full Version : What cleaning Products does everyone use???

15-02-2005, 12:32
Im just wanting to know what people reccommend as im looking to try some different makes to see if they give different affects etc and after a new tire gel too!

So for,

Shampoo -
Polish -
Tires -
Wheels -
Engine -
Bump strips and plastics (outside) -
Windows -
Carpet, seats etc -
Interior plastics -
Exhasut -

And anything else anyone uses to clean there cars?

Also what types of cloths and sponges etc do people use/recommend?



15-02-2005, 12:41
lol...your worse than me pal.

AutoGlym for all the above, inc sponge and leather.
Armoral tyre foam and bumper black.

2 live
15-02-2005, 12:52
meguires 3 stage thing for wash polish n wax,

northy does me door handles

rain does me tyres

and a quick clean n the odd coat of polish /wax on me wheels if i can be arsed

15-02-2005, 12:56

Well im good at door handles...lol

Going to have my work cut out at the french car show.... :wink:

15-02-2005, 12:58
Shampoo - TW Extreme 'til it runs out then Megs Gold Class
Polish - AutoGlym Super Resin Polish
Wax - Meguiars Gold Class
Tires - Halfrauds
Wheels - Normal wash and then some old TW wax
Engine - Just used a kerosene based cleaner. It was ok
Bump strips and plastics (outside) - Williams F1 gel
Windows - Normal Wash then silicon blade
Carpet, seats etc - Errr
Interior plastics - Williams F1 Interior stuff
Exhasut - Silvo

And anything else anyone uses to clean there cars? Occasionally Scratch X/Safe Cut and AutoGlym Paint Renovator

Also what types of cloths and sponges etc do people use/recommend? Cotton wax applicator pads, lambswool wash mitt, and just a net covered sponge for the wheels. Oh and TW silicon blade and 100% cotton terry towels for buffing.

big hp
15-02-2005, 13:01
Shampoo - Turtle wax something.
Polish - Auto Glym
Tires - Auto Glym
Wheels - Wonder wheels (diluted down) / Auto Glym polish
Engine - Gunk
Bump strips and plastics (outside) - Auto Glym
Windows - Auto Glym
Carpet, seats etc - Valeter friend does them.
Interior plastics - Auto Glym
Exhasut - Autosol

Auto Glym sponge, synthetic chamois, and blade.

15-02-2005, 13:19
2live cleans my car :lol:
Or Paddy.. or anyone else for that matter - i'm too lazy lol

big hp
15-02-2005, 13:23
A flutter of them eyelids and its done for you heh Kelly. Lucky girl. My G/F does exactly the same to me :(

15-02-2005, 13:25
Women are filthy creatures. Mine's never washed her Ibiza in the 3 1/2 years she's owned it. It's always me.

15-02-2005, 13:33
Front end of my car is a mess - it depresses me when i clean it because it shows all the stone chips etc.

And over the weekend the wheelie bin lid flew open onto my bonnet at Paddys house and put a big **** off dint in it :evil:

2 live
15-02-2005, 13:37
cant u claim on paddys house ins.???


15-02-2005, 13:40
oooh good thinking! :lol: Might see if I can hehe

big hp
15-02-2005, 13:57
You can claim.

I claimed on my mates household insurance on my old valver. Gate blew open and cracked front wing.

15-02-2005, 14:03
Shampoo - Halfords Advanced Car Wash
Polish - Auto Glym Super Resin
Tires - Armorall Protectant Gloss Finish (Applied with old sponge)
Wheels - Shampoo as above & Super Resin Polish
Engine - Armorall or Auto Glym Bumper Care
Bump strips and plastics (outside) - Auto Glym Bumper Care
Windows - Auto Glym Super Resin Polish
Carpet, seats etc - Numatic Hoover... :wink:
Interior plastics - Armorall Protectant Gloss Finish
Exhasut - Brasso

And anything else anyone uses to clean there cars? Auto Glym Paint Renovator if required, hose pipe and bucket... :wink:

Also what types of cloths and sponges etc do people use/recommend? Normal sponge and Shammy, old towel for inside doors, wheels etc...Halfords polish applicator and Furry glove thing to take it off

15-02-2005, 14:27
Everyones pretty much the same autoglym for most things, has anyone tried or does anyone use meguires, im thinking of buying their products next instead of using autoglym as im not too impressed with the auto glym tire black, however the rest are excellent!!!

I use,

Shampoo - autoglym shampoo
Polish - super resin and pos extra gloss protection afterwards
bumper plastics - autoglym bumper care (good stuff)
tires - autoglym tire black (not too happy)
engine - auto engine degreaser (good)
wheels - turtle wax then autoglym polish
windows - autogylm glass polish
interrio - autoglym interior shampoo (wanna try something different think there could be better)

think thats about it, i use a wash mit for the shampoo part, shamous for drying as well as flexi blade, then cloth on door shuts, one for engine and then a towel for polishing with!!!

So does everyone recommend all the products they use and is there anything think think is better than the ones i use?


15-02-2005, 14:31
See above Danny. Megs is good. Loads of people recommend Zymol but it's bloody expensive.

Megs is quite affordable IMO.

15-02-2005, 14:52
Me and Jon did my car last year with the 3 stage Megs stuff - came up all shiny and nice lol

I tend to use Auto Glym as everyone else above when I do clean the car..

15-02-2005, 14:58
All of these things are basically the same. I really dont see a difference between spanking expensive stuff and cheap wax. Wax is wax. Its a non water soluble sterol substance.

As a biochemist i am very anal at looking at ingredients to see what is in what. Just like the fact that pantene VO5 conditioner costs £4 a bottle and value tesco conditioner costs 28p, they both contain exactly the same chemical that conditions your hair.

So with nearly all the car wax / shampoo products. The expensive products claim better ingredients, but its just a marketing scam. Im afraid wax is wax, Sampoo is shampoo, and polish is polish.

Personally i use a hard wax as wax by nature in solid at room temperature and as such will perform its function better if applied in solid form. Its a well known fact that wax was only made liquid because it was easier to apply for lazy people.

As long as your wax leave a non-aqueous layer on your cars paint, it really doesnt matter who makes it. As long as the shampoo removed dirt without scratching paintwork, it doesnt matter who makes it.

15-02-2005, 15:29
Meguiars Gold class shampoo
Meguiars 3 stage kit
Meguiars Scratch X (Occasionally)
Lambs Wool wash mit (Better than a sponge)
Sainsburys glass cleaner (does the job)
I like Meguairs!

15-02-2005, 15:34
Glass cleaner is just acetic acid. I use vinegar diuted 1:1 with water. Exactly the same stuff.

Does make me think about chips alot though. :wink:

15-02-2005, 15:42
i borrow hand wipes from work lmao for glass wash it at work and maybe odd time wax it with a industrial wax i got from bodyshop lol

do need to give carpets a good clean

15-02-2005, 16:39
Yer the vinegar and wiping it off with news paper works a treat but i don't use it that much anymore as i don't always have some vinager

15-02-2005, 17:32
TurtleWax Shampoo - To wash it

Industral bumper and tyre dressing - Plastic and tyres

Peak metal polish - Fot the polished bits / exhaust

Industral Wax - To give it a shine / wheels

MrMusle carpet cleaner - carpet / seats

Cheapo dash cleaner - interior plastics

Today im using, Turtle wax colourfast, that comes with one of them pens..to try and get rid of some of the scratches it has gained over the conversion.

15-02-2005, 19:56
I know where the jet wash is..what else is there to think about? Only cleaning product I use is autoglym wheel cleaner keep my wheels looking good the rest....erm I'd rather drive than clean! lol

15-02-2005, 20:13
Havent cleaned her since i bought her on the 4th of feb-disgusting i know, but thanx for the product advice looks like autoglymm all the way

but another product to think of for slight scartch removal is G3

2 live
15-02-2005, 20:16
i use ferecla g3 for that kat

meguires all the way for evrything else

15-02-2005, 20:44
knew it was something g3 as i used some today to remove aerosol graffiti from a works transit

2 live
15-02-2005, 20:52
think the g3 is the actual compound grade tbh mate..not sure tho

16-02-2005, 02:04
G3 is the don!!!!

16-02-2005, 12:41
But never use G3 on the latest clear coat paints. Game over if you do.

16-02-2005, 14:01
G3? Didnt they win pop idol or something?