View Full Version : snapped belt somewhere... i think!! ???

30-05-2007, 14:24
hi all, just driving the car and then heard a kinda snap (like a belt breaking) then the kinda clonking of it falling off and going under the car....... now this sounds like a ghostly phantom snap cos i cant find anything missing under the bonnet! when i heard the snap sound i immediately looked in the rear view and saw nothing in the road at all. i was thinking,oh, cambelt snapped.... but engine didnt self distruct or anything like that. i was also thinking fan belt but has the williams got one?? (stupid question!) i dunno what it could be..... i'm gonna get on my bike and have a look in the road (dual carrigeway)! for deberis!! any ideas appreciated!!

(ps - had recent clutch cable change - wouldnt be anything relating from that would it.... i.e clutch self destructing slowly!??! :evil: ?

30-05-2007, 14:28
mite of just hit something thats already on the road mate, wudnot worry if the cars still fine!

check the engine for excess wobble, make sure its not engien mount as thats just a bolts on gearbox side

does have a 'fan' blet, but it drives power steering,water pump n alternatior, more of an auxilary belt. its on same side as cam belt, drivers side, of the engine

30-05-2007, 14:51
cheers mate, just got back from my bike ride - up and down the road 3 times and there is nothing in the road apart from a smashed up wheel trim and a balancing weight for a wheel so may have been a bit of that banging under the car? wierd happenings going on i guess!