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26-01-2005, 17:16
Just hit the limiter in the fake willy for the first time (was fully warmed up my I add), no were near as violent as the valver one, nice and smooth.

Thought I'd share that with you :)

26-01-2005, 19:03

Its not as fast as the valver limiter, maybe because it was on axel stands still.

26-01-2005, 20:10
The limiter scared the hell out of me when I hit it the first time. I was used to the higher reving 106 Rallye and even that limiter wasn't that brutal. :|

26-01-2005, 20:31

was driving a S1 106 Rallye while I was doing the conversion, limiter is very violent indeed. 7.2 iirc only hit it once lol now that scared the shit out of me lol

26-01-2005, 21:28
i shat myself when i hit it for the first and only time(so far) thought i'd ****ed the car up! lol

26-01-2005, 23:59
The rev counter can be out at high speeds Jesus....Mine shows 6.5k at around 130 mph on the clock :?
IIRC at the rolling road day Northy's williams was showing around 6.7k on the dials at the limiter...

27-01-2005, 00:57
Mines a really rough "bounce", always try to avoid the limiter as it has an impact on my gear change.

27-01-2005, 01:07
I have'nt hit my limiter for ages...probably since it was 6.5k! IMO it's one of the best mods you can do to a williams...raise the limit to around 7k.

2 live
27-01-2005, 10:33
hehe.....i hit the limiter at least once evry gear wen i drive mine hehe

and thats with a few extra revs lol..........and its nowhere near as violent as it used to be........can actually keep ur back against the seat back now on limiter rather than bein thrown hurtlin towards the sreen lol

14-02-2005, 22:49
Up date, limiter is still very refind and smooth compared to the valver but is still quite violent lol

rev limit 6800 :D not far of the 7000 of the valver, can't see me missing the extra 200 you get in a valver. 8)

14-02-2005, 22:52
lol i use to hit limiter all time when got car, only odd time i do now, just change a fraction before now lol :D

14-02-2005, 23:32
There is a limiter :shock:

14-02-2005, 23:45
Yes Enid, its that evil place that people like us never see. Its on the dark side.

Smokey McPot
16-02-2005, 20:09
Lol, yeah you dont get a little light like you used to in your cup that tells you when to shift up mate :D

I've experienced worse limiters, but its a pretty strange feeling hitting it in 3rd :S

16-02-2005, 20:19
Hehe the cup lived on the limiter!

Smokey McPot
16-02-2005, 20:29
so does the willy, weather permitting. it sings :D

try it, you might like it