View Full Version : when do i give up ?

20-05-2007, 17:52
gearbox refurb. 550 all in.

got it back, leaking from pas pump (split pipe) and from gear box.

cost me 50 quid extra (elsewhere) to get pas pump leak sorted, and then they confirmed gearbox leaking. (it wasnt before, just bearings had gone).

its been back once, and they didnt take it off, just put a new gakset on.

its still leaking.

ive now lost all confidence with this garage, and thought i was paying good dollar for a good job.

how many more times do i give him to fix it before i ask for my money back?

20-05-2007, 18:11
till your satisfied m8 or you can take it further and involve trading standards its upto you if you feel he has not done what you have paid him to do then you ar entitled to compensation

20-05-2007, 18:25
Doesn't the gearbox have some of guarantee? I would go back to the place that fixed it and complain.


21-05-2007, 01:13
its the rigmarole of taking the box off and on again