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20-05-2007, 13:21
Got my bill finally for the work done to PCC at the end of March.

640 FFS!

The car doesn't look any different or go any different.

That's 50 for MOT, 100 for welding to the chassis, 160+ for new rear discs/pads/bearings, and then a few other bits and bobs like new hoses, exhaust rubbers etc, etc.


Still, I managed to cure the leaking rad bleed screw, and the water filled sills. Now I just need to suss out WTF is rattling through the steering column when accelerating on l/h bends.

In the long run it needs a refresh of suspension which I can do meself, the turbs need a refurb to OE condition and the panels need colour matching.

20-05-2007, 14:18
Rattling through steering wheel on LH bends...

Take drivers side wheel off, check to see that part of the rack/column is not touching the downpipe heatshield.

Mine did this and u could see where it had wore away part of the heatshield, give same symptoms as you have.

21-05-2007, 00:22
I'm sure it is that mate as it only started when I swapped the decat pipe for a cat. I reckon the length is different. Garage are supposed to have re-hung it and it is better but still there. Exhaust bods took one look and declared nothing wrong. :roll:

What did you do to solve it?

21-05-2007, 07:49
Jack the engine up and undo the engine mount next to PAS reservoir (the 4 big bolts, or is it 6?)

Then pull the engine as far forward as you can, redo bolts and un jack engine.

Problem solved :D

21-05-2007, 21:26
Weird thing is though mate I've had a look from the top and bottom and can't see that anythings touching, even with the wheels turned to the left. It's had 2 new mounts (lower, gearbox) before I got it so maybe it's not been set properly.

21-05-2007, 22:32
If its the same problem as what i had, you will find from standing start accelerating with foot to floor through first and second gear you will have the same vibration through the wheel/column.

This dies when you hit 3 rd gear (due to the way the engine doesnt shift as much).

See if it happen then aswell.

21-05-2007, 23:49
I need to find a corner I can nail it in 3rd! Deffo does that in 1st or second and it's like a rattly noise with the vibration through the column.

20-06-2007, 13:38
Laine, I tried this and whilst I wasn't entirely sure how to adjust it properly (I just undid the 4 lower bots near the PAS reservoir, the limiter bolt and the doughnut bolt on the upper bit of the mount) it seems to have improved.

Still not 100% but I couldn't get the engine any further forward. So I might have to loosen the downpipe bolts and give everything a shove forwards on the exhaust.

Will this work d'you reckon? Also when doing up the downpipe bolts should they be fully tightened or are you suppoed to leave them a bit loose so the springs can move? :?