View Full Version : indicators stuck on

20-05-2007, 00:50
bit of a weird prob, noticed today whilst driving my hazards were coming on not flashing just stuck on sometimes flickering on and off, even with the ignition switched off, the indicator fuse out and the relay out!

am i missing a relay somewhere as i removed the one under the glovebox, think its water related as i had not long jet washed it, maybe the alarm wet?

20-05-2007, 18:20
turns out there is a black box that was behind the fuse box, not sure what its for says valeo on it, but that was full of water.

any ideas what that is?

21-05-2007, 08:05
imobiliiser?mine does it to every now and then,but i f i unlock it then turn the ignition key they turn off.