View Full Version : anyone gone from 172 to valver/williams

matty w
14-05-2007, 18:12
i'm serioulsy considering selling my 172 as ive recently brought a house and i like doing trackdays but i'm thinking if i stack the 172 its a lot of money to loose,i was thinking about buying a valver on the cheap and doing a bit of track prep,and buying a cheap clio dci for going to work in,any opinions welcome

14-05-2007, 18:28
my missus has both :lol:

14-05-2007, 18:40
i went from a 172ff to a williams, 172s the better car interms of it being newer easyer to drive ect but the williams is generally the better car turns more heads and is the better drivers car also seems alot better on petrol.
if you get a good williams i dont think youll regret it. if i had my 172 and williams side by side and had to choose the car itd be the williams i took home.

14-05-2007, 18:59
172 cup - Evo 4 - williams 8)

williams is definately loads of fun and better than the 172 cup, more herritage and pedigree for me. I like driving a piece of automotice history :wink: besides you can get a good one for stupid money at the moment! i wouldnt say the performance is too different from my cup to the williams too, infact the williams feels like a stronger engine but that may be just me!

Evo? well thats in a different class, altho it does share one thing in common with the williams..... they both whip Subaru's haha 8)

14-05-2007, 19:04
I went from MK1 172 - Williams - MK2 182...

You can guess it went up hill and very down hill afterwards!! lol

14-05-2007, 19:54
iv been thinking the same thing,then again i used to own L765 GYW so anything seemed slow after that lol,thing is i love the 172,and im getting 36 mpg (about 250 miles to 30 quid depending) but trying to figure out if i would save anything by doin the same?

15-05-2007, 17:08
Gone from 172 to Williams.

The 172 is obviously a newer car so has nice comforts like air con and decent brakes etc.

For me though the Williams is more of an animal, deffo a drivers car.

Each to their own, cos when the Williams brakes (which is what they do best) u'll be wishing you had the 172 back!


15-05-2007, 21:08
I have both, and like them both, the cup is newer, albeit seemingly less reliable in the few months Ive had it so far compared to the Willy, think I have been unlucky, nothing expensive, tin foil exhausts and shite Crank Sensors, other than that great car, but the Williams is the one I prefer, although it has been a long time since I have driven a Standard Williams so hard to compare side by side.

I would have no quarms in going back to the Williams from the Cup as the daily driver, no issues what so ever, its a better drive IMHO

16-05-2007, 11:13
When i bought a Williams first time round i was intending to buy a 172 for the facts of it being newer and more refined.

A drove quite a few but after having a test drive in a low mileage Williams there was no contest.

Buy the best you can afford to avoid any rubbish.