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jay s
12-05-2007, 18:23
anyone else fitted r19 wishbones with widetrack and had any problems?

heres mine :roll: got widetrack fitted at hillpower last june and i supplied a set of r19 wishbones from gsf, everything was fine for 4 months then started to hear this knocking sound from the front suspension :( could'nt work out what it was for another few months, then found out it was the bottom balljoints that were shagged. changed the wishbones for another set of r19 ones and 2 months later balljoints have gone again. :evil: ive had a look on dialogys and r19 and williams wishbones have 2 different part numbers, so looks like im gonna have to bit the bullet and pay renaults crazy price :cry: rant over.

12-05-2007, 18:28
Hi Jay!! Havent spoken to you for ages! Hows it going??

Did you use R19 wishbones for both sides??

As far as I was aware, you can only replace the williams wishbones with R19 ones on the passenger side. Im almost certain you have to use a willy one for the driverside. If thats of any help...


12-05-2007, 18:29
How much of a twat do i feel...thought you was talking about driveshafts...duuhhh...Sorry

I always thought you could use R19 wishbones too, in fact that was going to be my plan of action!


12-05-2007, 18:38
lol gonna say thats the shafts!

ive gone through a few of there ball joints jay, but the wishbones have been spot on tbh, but for the cost of them and the amount i actually go though i dont mind using them lol

12-05-2007, 18:43
Why not just get a pair of balljoints from reno?
The copy ones from gsf are probably not up to the job.


jay s
12-05-2007, 18:47
lol, hello mike :D im good fella.

richy, yeah i know what you mean. think i'll just change the balljoints for now and see how that goes as i don't fancy paying 140 to reno for a pair of lower arms :evil:

jay s
12-05-2007, 18:51
mat, gonna get a set from eurocarparts, they sell the lemfoerder which are meant to be genuine renault one?? for 40. i'll think ill go with them :oops:

12-05-2007, 18:57
I have the R19 Wishbones with balljoints from gsf, and they have been fine so far, touch wood.

12-05-2007, 19:19
I just bought a set of balljoints from GSF... the bolts/nuts on them are like cheese, thread really easy. (when you try to toruqe um up :cry: )

12-05-2007, 19:37

renault it is then for the balljoint