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07-05-2007, 22:21
Hi all im wanting some spacers for the clio its got reno 19 valver alloys on it 195 15 but they seam to sit in a bit.

Im looking for some spacers do you think 15mm would be too much ?

07-05-2007, 22:25
shudnt sit funny, iirc 19 alloys are identical in offset etc to clio ones?

also notice u mentioned u have a 5 turbo mate, any recommendations for turbo timers? need one for my valver and not got a clue what am doing! :lol:

07-05-2007, 22:31
i run a hks one at the moment only function i use it for is allowing it to cool down on your car you maybe able to use more features than on the dated r5....

Quite alot on ebay if you only need it for cool down a cheep one will be perfect and do the exact same job as the expensive ones.

07-05-2007, 22:38
thats all i need it for


any crack u rekon? like the air fuel mix n all as i rekon am underfueling when on boost

post a pic of ur clio n all, see what u mean with the wheels! :wink:

15mm per side would be okay, williams track is 32mm wider in total so shud sit okay with that, but there may be something am missing!

07-05-2007, 22:42
i ran that timer on my mazda 323 nice little bit of kit....

Ile get some pics up tomorow to show you what i mean, might just be me wanting the rims more pulled out that they should be....

07-05-2007, 22:59
i'll keep an eye on that auction then! cheers matey

i'll keep a nose out for pics tomos! 8)