View Full Version : My 2.0 Valver Now For Sale...

21-05-2005, 10:07
Its a 1993 K Reg valver... and as many of you know its mint...

Its on 92 k with Rajks old williams engine, uprated with fast road cams and all new parts i.e. water pump, cam belt, tensioner pullies, alternator, starter motor...

Paul is just going to be fixing a new lambda sensor, and perhaps a new ecu, along with anything else thats needs doing - gonna cost me in the region of £300. So will be sound when done...

Its got a print out of 169 bhp/149 ft/lbs of torque and it has recently had the cams retimed by ben r and is defo pushing out more...

its 449 blue, with williams bits and bobs i.e. dials, seatbelts and has williams engine, geabox, ecu along with freshly refurbed williams wheels which are in perfect condition.

Mods include, fast road cams, itg panel filter, magnex full system, prima racing chip, and its very low lol

obviously full service history for both car and engine, along with mot 1yr and tax (just about to be renewed).

Basically its gonna be missed - but i got to get something more economical for 6 months to help save.

Any question, please ask me... only pics i have are posted below... (doesn't do the car justice in anyway!!)

Price will start @ £3500 or sensible offer.





any more pics on request of course :wink:

21-05-2005, 20:13
Seems like a bargain mate!!!

Good luck selling!!!

22-05-2005, 17:31
good luck with the sale mate, what size tires are you using fella and what make are they?

Also what suspension are you running?


23-05-2005, 08:43
hi danny, the tyres are 194/45 uniroyals - nothing flash, just wanted some tyres for the rain. They have a lot left on them, and have lasted well...

as for the suspension - that is koni i believe, but i bought the car like that - and its very low....