View Full Version : Help relocating PiperX

02-05-2007, 16:45
Just received a PiperX off Danclio, do like the sound but thinking of relocating it down by the arch.

Now I did a search and saw these


metal adaptors so I could use a 100mm pipe, but doesnt look like tht guy comes on here anymore :(

Anyone got any guides/tips/advice for relocating it down by the arch?

04-05-2007, 10:39
lodas of topics on this mate.

Probably not woth doing at all. Most people will prob tell you this.

The only serious alteration worth doing to a IK is re-locating to the scuttle panel.

Other than that ITG and standard airbox.

I use a piper X and they draw so much hot air in. Dont grumble as much in summer neither in my experience.

Im thinking of reverting to ITG and std airbox.

04-05-2007, 12:54
I had the standard box with ITG before, and tbh Im not bothered about loosing performance imo it sounds sweet!

But obviously moving it under the wheel arch is going to mean a lot less heat soak hence why I want to do it...