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30-04-2007, 11:32
I'm changin mine later on today but just wanted to check how it should be routed roughly. I'm not sure it was routed properly before so if anyone could give a rough idea it would be much appreciated.


30-04-2007, 14:36
It was pretty clear how it should be routed actually when I had a look at it. What I can't seem to do though is get the wee rubber grommet into the hole the cable goes through - any tips? Is it best taking the grommet off the cable then once the grommet is in feed the cable through if you know what I mean?

30-04-2007, 21:52
Hopefully you have'nt pulled your old cable through yet..cos u need it to tie to the new one in order to pull it through. If not...try and thread the old one back through the hole and attach it to the new one. I've used electrical tape in the past to holf them together. If u pull the cable fair hard ish you should fell the grommet met the bulk head...u may need to prod around with it though to make sure its seated properly.

30-04-2007, 23:29
I got it done earlier on anyway, was just fiddly and a pain in the arse. I still don't know exactly what you mean with the thing above about having to tie the old to the new etc, but it doesn't matter too much as its done now anyway. Its one of these things where I now know I could do it in no time but I had that much fiddling about before and trying different ways of doing it that it took ages.

To get the grommet in I took it off the cable completely, then fed the cable in from the engine bay side, slid the grommet back over the cable inside the car and with a bit of wd40 located it in the hole. I then just pushed the cable pretty hard from the engine bay end till it went into the grommet and secured itself.

01-05-2007, 01:15
the reference to 'tying the new one to the old and pulling through' is basically to help get the white connecting piece through the small hole in the bulk head. the old one can be pulled through into the car with the new one tied to it and it will be easy to pull the plastic connector through the hole and fit the grommit. if you dont do it this way, its a bit fidly as the hole is perpendicular to the angle of the white connector so its a right bitch! lol