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Ahmed Bayjoo
27-04-2007, 17:17
how much lower does a standard williams sit compared to base model mk1 clio's?

27-04-2007, 18:39
Not sure but good to see your still about mate! Hows your bro too? Drop me a line sometime!

Ahmed Bayjoo
27-04-2007, 23:33
wats up mate 8)
will drop you a line soon , looking forward to seeing your clio on road :twisted:

bit of a random question, but i am ordering my kw coilovers next week. i only want a minimal drop at the front (20mm) . i rang up balance motorsport today, and was informed that the kw's lower by 40 -70mm but this is based on the base mk1 models.

so if the williams sits 20mm lower than the base models than the coilovers will lower between 20-70mm.

anybody want to hazard a guess? id say the williams must be 20-30mm lower

28-04-2007, 18:41
Valver is 25mm lower iirc.