View Full Version : 16V/Williams 12v waterpump for chargecooler

25-04-2007, 09:50
does anyone know what the rate is on this pump, (for thoes that don't know where it is its the pump on the nearside chassis rail at the front) its ment to kick in after the engine has stopped if the temps are very high but i have only ever heard one go :roll: some people remove them.

I was just thinking of using one for my chargecooler.

what you recon :wink:

25-04-2007, 10:12
im going with one of these if it the right rating???


what you building??? can share info if it a willy turbo??

25-04-2007, 16:53
Mines in a Kit car, there just isn't enough room for a big FMIC so i decided to go for a chargecooler, It took a while to source one as most were just to big. Then i found a guy with a Turbo'd westfield was upgrading to a bigger chargecooler as he was aiming for the 500bhp mark (in a Westfield ) anyway his old unit was fine for 350bhp and was made by pace. its a tripple core with a built in 1.5L tank and fits like a treat. a bargin at 170


Ive also brought a Yam R6 rad to use as a precooler (just need a pump)

so a bit different to the Clio :lol:

25-04-2007, 17:09
I Looked at them pumps, they look quite good, i might test the clio one to find out the l/h for it :wink:

25-04-2007, 17:18
i have a pump that powerful i could ditch the engine mechanical pump lol

25-04-2007, 19:24
i don't think that will fit though :lol:

25-04-2007, 21:11
mite have another option...

And yes i do have water cooling in my PC :P


^^ possibly, have a look through.


26-04-2007, 10:48
Don't really like the look of them tbh, i might go for the Audi TT pump or the new rangerover's with the supercharger use a big Bosch pump.

i want something that won't fail really. iirc Audi ones are only 60-80


26-04-2007, 11:56
just an idea!

26-04-2007, 18:22
i check mine and post back later.