View Full Version : Funny droning noise

22-04-2007, 22:27
Recently ive noticed a droning noise... notice it normally when driving above 50mph.. Does it in and out of gear, if I coast and let the revs drop its sounds as if its coming from the rear, I thought maybe rear wheel barings? Its just been through an MOT (a week ago)although rear bearings arnt a failure, I thought maybe they'd notice if they were noisy?

Anyone got any ideas to what this could be ?


22-04-2007, 22:29
wheel bearing mate

22-04-2007, 22:30
stupid no edit, and yeah they can fail on wheelbearings they wobble the wheel back and 4th so see if ther any movement and when ure bearing is on the way out u can wobble it. i had a clio fail on it before

22-04-2007, 22:36
Cheers, I have to get it looked at... get me some new bearings then..