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22-04-2007, 11:41
12th Sep 06 i crashed my blue valver and had it written off.

I promptly found myself another valver and got insured on it, putting myself down as having "1 fault claim" on the online form.

I recieved a measly cheque of 89 from admiral as a payout for my valver (900 value - excess - rest of premium), and thought nothing more of it.

Now ive heard just recently from a witness that they are sending out questionaire forms for the witnesses to complete.

Does this mean the claim is still not settled? Was i wrong to put myself down as a "fault" claim when it appears its still not been decided?

Ive emailed my insurance company but was wondering if any of you guys/gals knew.

Could i be looking forward to a bit of cashback? lol

22-04-2007, 13:27
What were the circumstances of the accident?
What is just your vehicle?

And you're right to put down that its a fault claim because all claims are classed as fault claims until they have been settled in full.
So even if it was your fault, or it just hasnt been settled in full, it will still be fault for the time being regardless.