View Full Version : My car came out of the spray shop today!(washing&polishi

21-04-2007, 19:30
My car came out of the spray shop and im very pleased with the job, I have some pics but waiting on a pc with usb ports that work. I found a place to put the car which i thought was going to be really hard, lucky at my new house my cousin lives with her boyfriend about 8 doors down and only have 1 car. So i can keep it on there till MOT/Taxed and our new driveway gets built!
They gonna hate it when i start changing breaks etc on their driveway lol! :)

Only thing is its really dusty and shit and i wanna clean it, how long should i wait for the paint to harden or whatever it is before i can give it a clean and polish?

21-04-2007, 19:31
Can't see why you cant wash it straight away tbh

21-04-2007, 19:34
alright matey! good news on car front! get rollin again asap! :twisted:

21-04-2007, 19:37
When i got my old car back from a full house i got told not to wash it for at least a week.

21-04-2007, 19:41
The longer you leave the paint before you wash it the better.

21-04-2007, 19:41
i recommend approximatly 13 years........ :P

21-04-2007, 19:45
i recommend approximatly 13 years........ :P

In 13 years time it will have rusted again then will have had to take it back to the sprayers and start the process again. It could possibly mean it never gets washed. :(

May give it a week then :( As hard as it will be. :(

21-04-2007, 19:51
13 years? optimistic thinkin it'll last that long! :lol:

21-04-2007, 19:56
13 years? optimistic thinkin it'll last that long! :lol:

Lol very good point. Especially with my driving :(

21-04-2007, 20:05
if its dusty just spray it off and dry it, dont use a sponge or a chamois though or youll just scratch it

21-04-2007, 21:46
Dont wash it for at least a week or two, as long as you can leave it really. Its not so much that a sponge or something will scratch it, although that is an issue, but jet spraying water on it will force high pressure water onto relatively soft paint work! Hence could cause ripples.

Just wait a week or so.

22-04-2007, 09:47
I think you'll find the paint has already been mopped in the bodyshop.
I would expect them to have an oven.


22-04-2007, 10:24
i,d ask the paint shop that did it. that way they can,t worm out if anything does go wrong.