View Full Version : Stereo not working!

20-04-2007, 16:11
Seem to be having a multitude of problems with this damn renault lately!

Currently in process of changing stereo round, as the CD player that was there when we bought the car skips too much.

Found that the ignition live & permanent live were both wired into the permanent live, so basically you have to turn the stereo off manually all the time.

Wired my kenwood up today, and the units' motor powers up, but you can't turn it on. So i'm assuming the ignition live feed is dead?

Where can i get an ignition live wire to tap into?



20-04-2007, 16:50
has the iso block been cut or something???? i will dig out my kenwood manual as it seems you have some wires muddled up...

20-04-2007, 17:18
Yeah the last guy who had it chopped the two renault ISO plugs off the loom. Although he had both ignition live & permanent live connected up to the thicker yellow & green wire, which i'm assuming is the permanent live 'coz of its thickness.

I chopped the ISO blocks off my old clio which we still have for spares. Connected the wires up to their appropriate colours, and it's got power 'coz i can hear it, but it won't turn on no matter where the key is turned to. The unit i'm trying to put in was in the old clio, plugged straight in and worked, so it should be ok. Hence why i'm thinking that the ignition live isn't working & i need to tap in somewhere else.



20-04-2007, 17:25
Yep best off finding, what the colour wires on the headunit do.

20-04-2007, 17:27
I've got a kenwood manual so know what those wires mean. But it's the renault wires i'm unsure of!

I'm gonna wire it up as it originally tomorrow, and see if it comes on. If it does, it's got to be the ignition live.


20-04-2007, 17:30
You got the Original Renault power ISO Plug????

with the 1 switch Live, 1 permenant live and ground yes??

the Black is Ground aka Earth

The Red is the Permenant Live.

The Yellow/Red wire is Switch live 8)

Mine is like this my 1.2 dunno whether the Valvers/Williams ar Different >?

21-04-2007, 02:20
Well i chopped the ISO blocks off my old renault, which have exactly the same colour as my valver loom. Just joined them together.

Will report back tomorrow once i've had some sleep - just got back from work!