View Full Version : Accelerator Sticking

20-04-2007, 15:53
Having had the hybrid a while now I'm noticing a few wee niggles with it. One of them is that when driving it first thing from cold the accelerator seems to stick. Its just a bit of a pain in the arse as I have to lift the pedal with my foot before braking/changing gear or after accelerating.

Would a new accelerator cable do the trick? As I say it only happens from cold so just wondered if anyone had come across this before?


20-04-2007, 17:46
probably needs re routing
get it sorted mate that will be very dodgy

or just hold on tight and wait till fuel runs out HAHA

20-04-2007, 17:51
i had something exactly the same and had to put my foot under the accelerator to get the revs to drop! :lol: haha

they have changed the cable design now slightly but even so i had to route mine slightly different and reduce the harshness of the beds, so where normally it is clipped under the coolant resovoir i have taped it infront to make a nice gradual arch. 15.56 or something plus VAT from renault, its a bit fiddly to do and defo needs 2 people to grab the pesky little thing through the whole with the grommit! but it will solve the problem. before you change it though, see how its routed, unclip it from underneath the resovoir and see if it makes a difference.