View Full Version : Isn't it funny......

17-04-2007, 22:30
How during the winter the 'For Sale' section is rammed full of stuff for sale

come the first sign of summer and 'Wanted' fills up as people have cash to blow, lookin forward to a summer with their cars and all those who sold stuff during the winter are now trying to buy it all back again!

funny thing the winter blues

big hp
18-04-2007, 18:46
I know exactly what you mean. Luckily i didnt sell my pride and joy. It came very close to going though 3/4 times.

18-04-2007, 21:38

18-04-2007, 22:09
My dad bought a Jensen Healey convertible over the winter he's just sold it back to the same guy for 800 quid more than he paid for it lol