View Full Version : WANTED: Proto Type Tester - Carbon Inlet Cover

16-04-2007, 17:54

Atlast i have managed to make a good enough mould, and today i have popped out the first of my proto types.

Its made in glass, as i didnt want to waste carbon.

Im looking for someone that i could post the item to, they could hopefully get it to fit and take some photos for me.

The person would have to have some sand paper and some sutable nuts and bolts to get it to fit, but i will talk to them more about that.

If you think you got what it takes let me know.

Im hoping to produce more engine covers, so if your anygood and upfor it i will let you test the lot, in exchange for pics and getting them to work etc, i will sort you out with a free set in carbon for your trouble.

Message/reply on here.. good communication is a key!


16-04-2007, 18:00
I'll do it matey o, my engine bay is on a tart up spree at the mo

16-04-2007, 23:05
drive down to me and i'll do it