View Full Version : Audio Wiring Issues.

30-03-2007, 19:47
My car dosent have door speakers, Just fitted my New Components been to the scrappers for a Door Shutter wiring Loom. I connected it, but im not sure which wires ill need behind the Centre Console?

anyone Help me?? Bare in mind, mine didnt even have the std door speakers. i have the shitty dash speakers

30-03-2007, 20:24
:? lol thats easy! each speaker left and right needs a - wire and a + wire..


30-03-2007, 20:27
I connected the Speakers, Its the wiring behind the Heater's not that of behind the Headunit. :roll:

It's hard to get too.. and dunno if i can see the right wiring.

I doubt many of u will get me having door speakers all ready fitted as standard but worth a shot

30-03-2007, 20:34
just run/reroute some new speaker cables???

30-03-2007, 22:09
Sorted Lads, I made it harder than, it was. Lovely sounding as well 350W max, 200w Rms 8)