View Full Version : Rear Quarter Windows.

27-03-2007, 19:21
Oreyt Lads, Just lookin at some tinted rear quarter windows on another forum But mine are non-opening ones. and appear to be sealed, do they come out cnt seem to see any Torx Screw unless i havent looked right?
And this tinted glass is opening, hence another reason i want em.

Any1 ever changed from non-opening to Opening?

cheers Joel

27-03-2007, 19:28
Yours are held in with a rubber seal and need to be popped out from the inside, its gonna be difficult to swap to openers and you may need to cut some of the trim to fit them.

make sure you get the windows with the front catches and the rear catch still on them, the fronts need to be rivveted on behind the b column plastics and the back catch will bolt into the bodwork in behind the c panel plastics (you'll probably need to make a hole if there isn't already one there !

27-03-2007, 19:30
yep exactly what he said. i went the other way.

27-03-2007, 19:31
Thanks a lot mate, I'll Leave em, get my existing windows tinted :D