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27-03-2007, 17:57
fellas i need a standard williams chip

for 0171 anyone can help need it asap

27-03-2007, 18:00

27-03-2007, 19:10
no price

and dont need an ecu just want a chip

27-03-2007, 19:15
no price

and dont need an ecu just want a chip

Gunner should be able to sort you out with a std EPROM

28-03-2007, 14:19
he has not got any

28-03-2007, 14:58
I have the original Renault ROM. But am keeping it in case my currently in-use Superchip gets damaged.

If you can get someone to copy the data onto another EPROM; I can airmail post it to you. You will have to send it back once you are done with it (say, a week or 2 later). But am not sure if the original Renault ROM is copy-protected though, Gunner might know.

29-03-2007, 02:18
^^^ there open to editing^^^

i did have the map...but i cant find it...usually u use a map to find things.. oh well.

i know a man that has a chip..its just a question of asking him.... i would never run a base map there crap.

J o n
29-03-2007, 08:36
Andy, just get one of Gibbo, one that's mapped for a car with basic breathing mods

2 live
29-03-2007, 09:16
hes already asked me mate...iv had a quick look where i thought it was..........not there....i know i have it somewhere, but stuffs been moved round the house quite a bit at the mo.....so fuk knows where it is at the min lol.

01-04-2007, 17:49
the stress

just want a standard one for now going to get it remapped when the cams go in

2 live
01-04-2007, 20:30
y not just use the one that was in if its only til the remap.??

01-04-2007, 21:11
Get Gunner to Copy Your bro's standard one

02-04-2007, 02:07
I have one. pm me if you want it!