View Full Version : Good pic from Oulton

13-02-2005, 11:27
From m@tthews photos, glad he managed to get this on camera, was a lot of fun


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13-02-2005, 12:03
this from the one last year mate or did u go again on sat?

cool pic tho...we all know u over take on the left lol

13-02-2005, 12:10
Must be this year as Mike is in his V6.


13-02-2005, 12:23
Someone photoshop that pole out of it and its a keeper.

13-02-2005, 12:26
lol...nice picture....wheres the other picture of you overtaking him on the next corner ?

13-02-2005, 12:27
Whos in the Phase 1?

13-02-2005, 14:23



Jon I went again on Saturday to spectate, but Gaz had fooked his pads in the morning, so he kindly offered me his place in the afternoon for FREE :lol: was excellent had a right laugh, in my car it was me and Kev, was funny,funny also when I took Gaz out also..lol

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13-02-2005, 15:08
lol...loon hehe.....no spinnin this time??

13-02-2005, 15:20
hehe no spinning, did have a little moment at the chicane, but nothing I couldn't manage to correct..lol

13-02-2005, 17:40
looking good flaming, wouldn't have minded coming to spectate pal but had to work!

Was it a good day and whens the next?

13-02-2005, 18:06
Top bombing Monkey, was MIke going slow or were you just on a mission?

13-02-2005, 19:18
glad to see the exaltos are still performing pal.

big hp
13-02-2005, 19:41
Quality pics there.

Obviously Mike let you pass him :wink:

13-02-2005, 20:56
Was definatly on a mission, plus the Exalto's did the job. No idea if Mike was giving it beans, I certainly was :lol:, very nice lookin motor the V6. End of the day I think he had more to loose than I did to be honest.

14-02-2005, 10:19
I wasn't in with Monkey when he overtook Mike but I was from about half 3 to 5 and I can vouch that Monkey was driving like he'd nicked it....was well impressed with those tyres and is defo a quick Williams....even though there was no catching Martin in his Cup.

Some quality driving Monkey even though the instructors wouldn't have been very impressed with one hand on the wheel and the other on the gear stick.....wouldn't mind but u kept forgeting to change...lol..... :lol:

14-02-2005, 10:32
Photoshopped out the Lamp post


Yeah the Cup was really quick, made me laugh at the end when I said is it standard, he said yes, I was like no way, and he was like yes way, and I was like no way, and he was like yes, well apart form the Decat and RSport ECU...lol

Wish mined revved to 8K, need a higher limiter...lol

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14-02-2005, 16:00
lol....dont worry mate.......wel show these 172/182s up when we runnin same spec as them lol........wish id bin there meself now lol

at the r/r day the little play i had against yozza was inconclusive, some places i was backin off to stop runnin into the back of him, some places i didnt make any ground, but dint lose any lol.....would be good to see the difrence properly lol

think itl be 1 for the wiily tho lol

14-02-2005, 16:02
Whats yozzas car had done to it?

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14-02-2005, 16:18
fukkin all sorts mate lol.its hard to keep up wi wot hes fiddlin wi now lol.....

but stripped cup, an i mean stripped lol

rsport ecu...de-cat...carbon bonnet...zorst........etc etc etc lol

J o n
14-02-2005, 18:06
fukkin all sorts mate lol.its hard to keep up wi wot hes fiddlin wi now lol.....

but stripped cup, an i mean stripped lol

rsport ecu...de-cat...carbon bonnet...zorst........etc etc etc lol

dont forget you had the PE2's... four of em and baby seats and you were backing off a fair bit and scaring the shit outta me... I would have screamed but I thought I was already dead and was re-living my final moments :!:

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14-02-2005, 19:59
lol......it was the brakes failing to do owt comin up to the red light and round a bout that got my heart racin a bit lol......still need better brakes lol