View Full Version : patching up a puncture ?

16-05-2005, 13:18
got nail through one of my lovely goodyear eagle f1's the other day (front driver side)... its got about 3-4k tred left on it (6months), should i just patch it up, or buy a new one to replace it with? don't really wanna buy just one cuz it will unbalance the handing, as i drive hard everywhere im bound to notice this, but cant really afford 2 new uns at the moment either :/ or should i buy 1 new tyre to replace it but put the new one on the back with the other old front, and move the rears to the front??? then at least the front will be balanced bu the rear 1 part worn 1 new ???

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17-05-2005, 00:04

nevermind just gonna get it patched :D