View Full Version : Knocking Noise

22-03-2007, 16:28
posted a few days back about a knocking noise from the rear of my car... just noticed now that next to exaust on the passenger side there is something hanging down next to it, triangular shape with circular whole in bottom of it???? am i being stupid or should that not be there lol......

22-03-2007, 16:42
Pics? Would be a great help

22-03-2007, 16:47
at work at the mo.... will try get some tonight. didnt know if anyone knew what should and shouldnt be there

22-03-2007, 17:48
That will be your towing bracket! Not uncommon that the exhaust hits it. Exhaust probably just needs adjusting.

22-03-2007, 17:54
pmsl i thought he was on about around the torsion bar oops :oops: