View Full Version : bonnet dimensions?

14-03-2007, 18:25
hi dont suppose anyone knows the dimensions of a 16v/williams bonnet? need them to arrange a courier.


15-03-2007, 00:38
about 1.5m wide and 1m tall.

15-03-2007, 17:11
Dimension are:

Width 146cm
Height 95cm
Depth 20cm

15-03-2007, 18:18
excellent, thanks for that mate :)

15-03-2007, 22:39
O, and also meant to add, the weight is about 18KG if i am correct. I'm sending a bonnet at the moment, so courier company needed this information. www.postvan.co.uk ;)

18-03-2007, 14:26
ive had 2 horrible experiences with this shower of crooks, ill be avoiding them like the plague, anyone know anyone else i could use to get one posted?

18-03-2007, 16:02
well, i got my bonnet in the other day, have to agree with you, bunch of crooks. i payed online for my delivery, then they tried to charge me an extra 4+vat as it was a car bonnet, and an extra 14+vat since i stay in he highlands when i had already payed online. i just shouted down the phone to her and got off with it. :lol:

I think http://www.interlinkexpress.com/ aren't too bad, never used them though. just go to google and type in large object couriers or something and see what it comes up ;) good luck