View Full Version : Valver box vs willy box

13-05-2005, 13:01
whats the actual differnce?

13-05-2005, 13:35
Valver boxes have different ratios and arnt as strong.

The willy box has a longer 5th gear and is strengthened.

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J o n
13-05-2005, 13:54
ratios are the same including 5th... i've not noticed any difference, me and Northy change gear at exactly the same time and had exactly the same top end... bout 145 on the clocks

13-05-2005, 14:08
5th is 100% different. I personally think 3rd and 4th are slightyl longer but could be wrong. Williams box is stronger as gear teeth are chunkier according to those in the know (Nick Hill, transmission specialists)

13-05-2005, 14:16
The diff is stronger in a willy box. I had the willy diff put in my valver box recently. Willy box is suposed to have longer fith buy i dunno

J o n
13-05-2005, 14:32
they seemed the same ratio to me... cant be 100% sure tho.

could do a valver Vs willy box shootout :lol:

the only speeds I can remember is 2nd is 55mph ish, 3rd not sure, 4th will go to just over 110mph on the clocks and 5th is 145mph exactly on my clocks... :?

13-05-2005, 14:37
On my valver box i get.

1st = 40




5th=130 but not on the limiter yet. All other gears are to the limiter

13-05-2005, 14:40
dude thats with a valver limiter so means nothing. Williams only revs to 6400rpm.

13-05-2005, 14:48
Yeah i know mate. Just giving you something to compare.

13-05-2005, 18:06
Hang on a mo. I have the complete ratio set-up here somewhere. And if memory serves me correct, all the gears are different apart from 1st.

13-05-2005, 18:06
Way to compare would be what speeds you are achieving at 5,000 rpm in each gear.
From what i can remember i get 20mph/1,000rpm from a 16v box and about 21.6mph/1,000rpm from a willy box.


13-05-2005, 18:24
Found it.

The full ratios for Willy (Type JC5) and 1.8 16v (Type JB3) are as follows :
1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th Final Drive
16v JB3 : 11/34 19/35 25/33 30/29 39/31 14/59 or 4.21:1
Willy JC5 : 11/34 22/41 28/37 34/35 39/41 15/61 or 4.07:1

Renault 5 gt Turbo final drive = 15/56 or 3.73:1
Renault 11 Turbo final drive = 15/61 or 4.07:1

2 live
14-05-2005, 18:03
hmm......just what iv been saying for ages.......well since mine got rebuilt and i was given the hefty bill......'cos they dont share gearbox parts with anything else......even the valvers are diffrent' so he told me right lol