View Full Version : my old modded valver

28-02-2007, 17:34
167BHP at the fly


28-02-2007, 18:43
cool, what mods and wat was ure tourque?

also why was he revving it over and over ok i understand it wen u rev it up for a smooth slowdown but thats that many times! lol

28-02-2007, 19:06
thats what i thought Mr. Adam :lol:

01-03-2007, 12:14
not sure why he reved it so much, didnt think any thing of it, the spec i built it to was, prima big valve head which was fully ported and flowed (inlet and outlet), Kent supersports cams (part no RN1602) with pulleys and followers, green cone filter, full SS zorst with de-cat, also i rebuilt the engine when i had the head off (usual things, water pump tenssioners gaskets etc), lowered 55mm, full cage, was going to strip it but sold it instead (i ve got a williams 2 could nt justify haveing both), i actually saw it at the fast car day at crail (scotland) last weekend, couldnt belive it, any way it was good to see it again and it toasted a 2L 16V GSI Tigra which was nice

as for tourque i cant remember the exact figure as i ve lost the print out but think it was around the 140 mark

cheers Finlay

01-03-2007, 18:35
and how much u spend

personally i would have modded a 2lr got alot mroe bbhp for money.

but sounds liek a fast valver. id like to jnow wat it can get up thr 1\4 mile

05-03-2007, 15:15
yea, that was the whole point to build a fast valver, ended up selling it as i didnt want to pour any more money into it so i think i will concentrait on my williams 2 although i am reluctant to break into the engine as its only done 56K, but then again F@K IT !!, lol, yea i would like to get at least 185+ mark on the williams with head and cam work etc but would like to do the ITB converssion + fordged bottom end but that is mega bucks !!

05-03-2007, 15:17
Adam, sorry i forgot, i reckon i spent around 3K on engine alone