View Full Version : Is this a reasonable insurance quote?

27-02-2007, 13:27
Hi chaps just wanted to check out if you think this is a reasonable insurance quote?

26yrs old
Clean Licence with no convictions or previous claims.
6yrs ncb bonus
Had licence for 8 years
Living in a very low crime area.

Ok so the quote with Directline :-

Clio Williams 2 (un-modified)- comprehensive cover


This includes:-

Protected no claims
legal cover
325 Voluntary excess

Any good??



J o n
27-02-2007, 13:30
I was paying 422 with direct line for 5 years NCD at 24, so sounds about right, might be able to get it cheaper though as my renewal was around 200

27-02-2007, 13:33
thanks for the quick reply, what milleage did you state? I said 12,000miles

J o n
27-02-2007, 13:51
yup 12k as well, that's with full cover bar breakdown. Direct line have been excellent for standard cars for me, used them for 4-5 years, never had a problem and renewals were always excellent, I think the Willy would have been under 200 this year the way it was going!

27-02-2007, 13:52
bargain i pay more and im older

27-02-2007, 16:10
yes mate! very good!

27-02-2007, 16:14
wish mine was like that :(

27-02-2007, 17:39
Try morethan, they were very cheap for me and free breakdown cover too