View Full Version : Essex/East anglian meet up for FCS

12-05-2005, 13:22
Anyone else from this way going up? and if so is there a handy meeting place we can meet on the way and convoy up and then perhaps meet up with Northy? Never been up this way so fairly clueless so any ideas welcome?

13-05-2005, 17:48
pat! as you know im now staying over in rugby(near to the show) but i will try and get you essex/suffolk lot to meet up and convoy over! leave it to me i will try and sort it!

13-05-2005, 18:25
Pat you want to come up the night before and stay in hotel in rugby. Will be two other girls there if you fancy it. About 10 mins from the ground too.

14-05-2005, 07:41
can't come up night before as bringing Laura and James with me plus can't leave dogs alone that long - altho next year will arrange it a bit better!- it shouldn't be that bad a journey up - at least there won't be any traffic - at least not until we reach the 'convoy' :D :D

14-05-2005, 10:18
Youve got snakes havnt you? Well snakes eat the dogs. Job done. :D